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's a little light rain cell over sacramento, stockton, modesto. here in the bay area pretty dry right now, but that could change. you know, you can always keep up with what's going on at >>> congress has approved a $9.7 billion flood insurance measure to help victims of hurricane sandy, but it was a vote that was not only delayed for several days, but also less than what was wanted by new york and new jersey officials. abc news reporter david curly has more on how victims are reacting. >> debris is covering lots surrounded by damages houses. it's the house of representatives that residents are seething about. >> maybe they should come and live at my house. they wouldn't take it. after a week they would want out of here. >> you can tell we had a floor and we had to rip it out. >> ann marie has stayed in her damaged home. weeks without electricity, warm food from the red cross, $2,400.00 from fema, but nothing from her insurance company, which says it's waiting for government flood insurance money. congress finally passed $9 billion to help pay out more flood claims, after nor
to sell the sacramento kings but that is [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits. delicious. but say i press a few out flat... add some beef sloppy joe sauce... and cheese fold it all up and boom! i just made an unbeatable unsloppy joe pillsbury grands biscuits. let the making begin. that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun. >> novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> welcome back at 5:44. the fight to keep the kings in sacramento is becoming political. a letter from the state senate raises questions of microsoft involvement in the purchase. microsoft c.e.o. is part of the group trying to bring the team to seattle. the family has agreed to sell the majority ownership to the kings. but microsoft is interested in moving the team out of california while enjoying a prosperous working relationship with the state. he has written state budget officials to look into current technology contracts with microsoft. >>
minutes behind between davis and sacramento. >> a landmark in bayview district is official, a bar celebrated the 54th anniversary and last week was an official san francisco historical landmark. iit, the owner, was the first black man to run for mayor. >> the former starting quaterback of the super bowl-bound 49ers, but this remain on, smith could get ready to leave the bay. >> developing news from the peninsula, a car overturns late at night kill, three people and injuring two others and the family connection we are >> live from the broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> it is monday. thanks for joining us. i am kristen sze. >> let's see how the week is starting off. mike? >> well start with live doppler 7 hd, starting off dry. good morning, everyone. you can see these are high clouds negotiation real radar runs. we will be fairly dry from now through the early part of february. we have a small chance of a stray shower at the coast. it will be breezy and cool. mid-to-upper 50's. everyone else, sunshine, with a few clouds and mid-to-upper 50's. sue? >> in san jose it is flowing n
temperatures in the valleys as the old colder air drains to the valleys. 27 in tahoe, 61 sacramento. not quite as cold in sacramento. they have a bit of a wind this morning. 58 in los angeles today. back home once again very little change with those upper 40s from the livermore valley. 50 in richmond. plenty of sunshine san francisco, 50 and 51 palo alto and tonight we will get a little bit of wind in the north bay. but still it's not going to upset that aidiation natural cooling and we will be very cool again. 52 salinas. we are talking more 20s and 30s by the water. upper 30s san francisco and we will looking for some of those cooler numbers. even around oakland again tonight. so the accuweather seven-day forecast, the frosty start for your monday. then by tuesday a little milder. mid-50s should be the highs. upper 50s on wednesday. and maybe some tuly fog will sneak into the east bay valleys and that will allow for warming. low 60s by the end of the work week. we are still very cold for the next couple days. >> all right. well, that's okay. as you know, lisa, the bay area is microclimate pr
this kind of deception doesn't happen again. in sacramento, nannette miranda, abc7 news. >> federal investigators now confirm chevron's own firefighters may have contributed to the richmond refinery fire in august. according to a draft report, firefighters were able to put out a flash fire caused by a small hydrocarbon won leak but they may have accidentally punctured a main pipeline, releasing a cloud of bigger flammable gas. pipeline appears to have been punctured from the outside and they are examining the firefighters' tools to determine if one of them did it. the fire sent toxic black smoke throughout the area and thousands of people sought medical treatment. chevron expects the damaged unit to be back on line in the next few months >> new this morning a woman in the sierra foothills east of sacramento is desperately trying to save a deer that got stuck in a bashed wire fence. melanie discovered a big buck with its antlers stuck in a blue tarp on her ten acre property. she made calls to try to get help for the animals but no agency has agreed to come. sheriff's deputies say the
from outside a grocery store in hayward in 1998. the f.b.i. in sacramento is holding a news conference at 10:00 to provide an update regarding future excavation of well site. test could show a bone fragment linked to the speed freak killer could show what happened to her daughter. the serial killers dumped their killers in a well during that time period she disappeared. >> someone committed the first murder of the year in san jose. a man was found shot to death in the driveway of a home yesterday. police say the victim was an hispanic man in his 30's who lived at the home. people inside told the officers they did not hear anything. no word on a possible motive for the shooting or on any suspects. >> a berkeley assembly woman is tightening the sales of ammunition in california in the aftermath of the connecticut school tragedy. she will introduce bill 48, that requires people to show identification before buying ammunition which would have to be bought from a licensed dealer and all sales are reported to the department of justice. it would ban kits that allow ammunition clips to be conv
‘iÑi during an informational meeting today in sacramento. the chairman of the senate!d public safetyÑi committee isÑi holding a skwroepbt -- joint hearing with theÑi senate and ays5bly at 9:00 this morning. among those scheduled toÑi testify are representatives of law enforcement and gun ownership rights organizations. expertsÑiÑi will demonstrate whichÑ$t)áqprms are legal andÑizgát÷al under ke÷yñ after today it might get tougher to smokeÑi in sanÑi francisco. supervisorsçó are likely toÑi give final approval to a measure banning smoking at outdoor festivals and parade. the new lawÑi won't require policeÑi to look for violators but promoters will have toÑiÑi make announcements. willÑi be firstÑi large u.s.((%i whether landlords mustÑiÑi letç potential renters know if smoking is allowedÑi in theirÑii building. >> santa clara county chargesok against añr manÑi accused much starting a massive fire. it burned 4,300çóa#res and destroyed 63Ñi homes.w3 officials say he startedÑi the blaze
in sacramento, a young man and an elderly patient. 20 children have died from flu nationwide and although there is no running tally of adult deaths, the cdd estimates there are about 24,000 deaths a year. this map shows how the flu outbreak is severe in the eastern red states while california in green has relatively few cases. >> one, two, three. >> conrad has never in his live had a flu shot and doctors express urgent care in fremont, he decide today do it after hearing the reports about what is happening back east and watching his 23-year-old son suffer with the virus. >> my son just got really sick. saturday night, he said, dad, i'm deathly ill. he was sick for three days. and he said i think it's time for me to start getting vaccinated so it's my first time. >> doctors think it's a matter of time before the number of cases shoots up in california. this doctor has a prevention tip to go along with frequent hand-washing. he said there's evidence 15 milligrams of zinc a day helps. >> i can tell you i'm taking it. >> the doctor said it's too late in the flu season to have any more vaccine
in the sacramento suburb after putting prescription sleeping pills so they could use the internet. after taking a drug test to confirm this, the parents brought their daughter to the miss station. >> the story came out, and we asked the parents if there were witnesses, and we ask what happened and we deduced what occurs and arrested them both. >> the 15-year-old daughter and her 16-year-old friend were booked on conspiracy charges of mingling pharmaceuticals with food. >> oakland police are asking for the help in identifying two bank robbers. these two people conspired to problem a bank of the west on telegraph avenue in early december. the man went up to a teller and demanded money and got away with an undisclosed amount. the woman was helping in the bank. >> silicon valley is buzzing over an people possibly negotiating to buy social navigation app that is the exclusive traffic app we feature each morning. users can submit data as they drive. apple is considering acquiring it to solve their map problems. apple brought back google maps after their own maps were criticized for bad information. a
victory in 2010 and 2012 began last week in sacramento with fans lining up for pictures. after richmond the trophies will be displayed in vallejo and back to the giants east coast root in new york city and then to arizona for training camp. >> do not try to kiss it. your lips would get stuck. >> today it would. and yesterday, especially. >> i can see someone trying to get a free trip to scottsdale, arizona, because they are attached to the trophy. >> it is very cold this morning. not as cold as the records we had yesterday. but, still, colder than it should be for this time of year the first of our story lines. good morning, everyone, south from vallejo you can see the ferry building and the bay bridge with beautiful colors. what colors are they? the colors of the 9ers. big win. big win. now, live doppler 7 hd showing it is blowing in a dry air mass. you can see that when you step outside. you can see how dry it is with not a cloud to be found. temperatures show it is still freezing in san rafael at 32. 29 in redwood city. 30 in los gatos. everyone else is in the mid-to-upper 30's until
is still closed. >> in sacramento festivities turned deadly in old town when shots rang out inside of a bar. two people were killed and two people were killed when a fight spilled out from a sports bar to the street. police are questioning witnesses about whoo they may have seen. burninglet after midnight oil. the senate passed a bill to avoid the fiscal cliff . increase on everybody's taxes gingtoday. - beginning today. now the house has to act in a few hours. tamon bradly reports. americans rang in the new year, the senate was in session in the middle of the night passing a bill after the fiscal cliff deadline went by. >> we have done good for the country. >> since lawmakers missed the deadline. every american wakes up with higher tax and congress can undo those hikes if the house passes the senate bill. vice-president biden told reporter he hopes that the bill gets through the house. >> you shouldn't predict how the senate will vote before they vote and you surely shouldn't predict the house vote. >> the senate bill would extend tax cuts for all workers . raises taxes on people above $40
makes most parents proud. he found this notebook in a shopping cart at the sacramento suburb store and the child wrote long lists of rules to live by. he wants to return the note back to the owner and the payments are filled with 150 rules such as don't put your elbows on the table and don't bite the dentist. >> we continue to follow breaking news from london where a helicopter has collided in to a high-rise crane. what police are saying of a possible cause. >> grounded, the dramatic decision involving the plane considered the future of aviation and the impact it is having right here in the bay a live from the kgo broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning on wednesday. at 5:29. thanks for joining us. >> i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. >> what is the temperature? when is the warm upcoming? >> the warm up in the afternoon is faster than the morning warming trend. the dry air has taken over the neighborhoods again. the stagnant air mass means poor air quality is possible in the north bay. no burning of wood and we are under a "spare the air" and i know it is cold in t
, and the trophies from the 2010 and 2012 world series began the tour in sacramento last week and made stops in richmond and vallejo this week. they are getting the red carpet treatment where the trophies will depart for new york city, and giants fans taking virgin america flight can take the flight. >> the top surfers in the world hit the area on sunday at 8:00 a.m. and conditions have not been right the last two years to hold the contest this week a storm in japan superintendent -- giant swells to the pacific coast and it will make for a great day of surfing. >> and two dozen surf stars are headed to half moon bay this weekend. mike, they state waves will be anywhere over 30'? >> would like to see that. you will see it from further away because of safety concerns. >> hopefully we will not be fogged n. >> no, not at all, a lost sun shine, with temperatures in the 60's. but they will keep you away. the sneak are waves are big starting tomorrow and also on sunday andization rip -- and dangerous rip currents also. not a great weekend to be walking on the beach near the water. they were saying
in palm springs. 62 in sacramento. tag you back home looking at low to mid-60s today with 64 in fremont. so numbers anywhere from five to six degrees above average. we should see those upper 50s in santa rosa. 64 there. 66 in san jose and down by the monterey bay we saw plenty of 70s yesterday. once again today eats 71 in salinas, 70 santa cruz with 67 in gilroy. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. notice the 60s. length of sunshine through monday. and by tuesday the numbers could flip a little bit in the north bay. i'm going to bring you some increasing clouds. slight chance of rain wednesday. but back into the 50s thursday, friday and saturday looks like we could see some more rain. they are still not certain so check back with us. >> so the computer semenov is going we don't know? >> it's been dry for so long, the atmosphere has been dry so it will take time to moisten everything up. >> coming up next, a tour of the attraction at pier 39. how the sea lions are being celebrated today for their 23rd anniversary of their alright let's break it down. mom, pop it. ♪ two inches ap
with katie will air tomorrow at 3:00 right here. >> sacramento lawmakers are in an unusual situation. ahead in our 6:00 hour, what is behind a sudden windfall in the state coffers. a fall in stock price is a problem for apple >> all eyes are on apple when they release the newest earnings report that could be a major disappointment. according to the "los angeles times" the consensus among an sifts is apple will report $55 billion in revenue. that sounds good but many expect only $13.41 a share in earnings down 46 cent adds share from the same quarter a year ago. it will be the first drop in a decade for apple. investor could see it as a sign that the new mix of products including the ipad mini are hurting the usually high profit margins with the new report released at 2:00 a.m. after trading is ended. >> have you checked facebook this morning? all the posting "like like" could make you unhappy. one if three felt worse after visiting the social network site. the issue is that people become envious of their friends' lives and more unhappy with their own lives. viewing vacation photos were the
as well as sacramento. elsewhere around the bay, numbers much cooler. no more 60s. 56 downtown as well as san mateo with a couple upper 50s. we will call it partly cloudy skies, a slight chance after shower not only today, it will take us through tonight and tomorrow. the atmosphere a little unstable. the influence now more out of the north. that's why we are getting the cooler air mass, the slight chance of a shower interacting with some of that moisture in place from the south. 555 monterey and 58 hollister. after tomorrow the accuweather forecast shows we will look at continued dry weather but we aren't going to really warm up until the middle of the week when we see highs nudge up to 60 around the bay. thursday and fry back to lower 60s. and unfortunately not any rain into the extended outlook. the snowpack will continue to slip. we are still a little bit above normal in percentage. normal for rainfall but it would be nice it see some rain. it is january. >> thank you, lisa. you still have a chance to get in on a pair of super bowl tickets that the san francisco 49ers owner is givi
for today. mid-50s in sacramento with some snow showers in the northern sierra. 32 for a high. right now we are just in the 20s in tahoe. 62 in los angeles. taking you back home numbers in the narrow range from the low 50s in ukiah, and possibility of rain-snow mix in lake county. 56 in san jose today with just 54 in fremont. so certainly cooler than yesterday. 57 in oakland. mid-50s san francisco and down by the monterey bay we are looking at about 56 in hollister and santa cruz 57. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. notice that the numbers stay in the 50s today and tomorrow. although we will try to nudge them up a couple degrees. more sunshine for tuesday and it is really by actually tuesday you will feel a little bit of warming by wednesday we are in the low 60s. mid-and upper 60s for thursday and friday. it's not going to last, though. computer models indicating perhaps a change by super bowl sunday. >> a perfect day to stay inside then and watch football. >> right. >> thank you, lisa. if you want to burn a lot of calories you are typically faced with a choice, go running or bik
a bill introduceed in sacramento staffers from the janitor to principal could be secretly armed. many democrats do not like the bill. the sponsor says there is support among parents. >> if my children were in a look down situation i want teachers armed to defend them. i don't want my children to be helpless victims. >> we have laid off thousands of teachers the last couple of years why would we use the few school personal we have left to be armed guards when they could not always prevent shootings? >> individual school districts would decide whether to take part. school marshals would have to pass a background check to get a concealed weapons permit. >> there is a landmark deal with the state public utility commission after being ordered to shut down for operating a limousine service without authorization. two other companies were cited. the deal removes the fines and allows them to continue to operate while there are new regulations for ride sharing services in the state. lift will expand their service to los angeles starting today. >> forget "i got strikes." how about "i got stamps.
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